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Resources you may use from the GA Interfaith Alliance to Fight COVID + Georgia CEAL activities. These resources include toolkits, flyers, infographics, FAQs, social media, and videos that will assist you with communicating the importance and safety of COVID-19 vaccines.


There is a listing of some items below and access to additional resources using the following link, which has everything located in one folder.  

Resource Folder Link:


Short videos to share with your congregations and networks:

Protecting Our Lives (30 seconds)

Protecting Our Lives | WECANDOTHIS.HHS.GOV 


Ask an Expert (45 seconds)

Ask an Expert: What should people in communities of color know about COVID vaccines? | WECANDOTHIS.HHS.GOV


Trusted Voices from the Black community (2 minutes)

Trusted Voices on COVID-19 Vaccine Acceptance: Dr. Lisa Fitzpatrick | WECANDOTHIS.HHS.GOV


Trusting Vaccine Development (39 seconds) Corbett-39sec.mp4


Risks of COVID-19 Outweigh Vaccination Risks (31 seconds) Infection-Dr. Collins-31sec.mp4


Vaccines are free- No sound (15 seconds)


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