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Greetings Elders, Pastors, Regional Leaders, and Congregations!

Bishop Thomas L. Brown, Sr. has called for us to pray and fast as a corporate body, and as members of the Sixth Episcopal District. We are very grateful to God for our Prayer Coordinator, Rev. Alveria Williams, who has prayed and fasted as she sought God's direction for us. She shares ...

Heaven is issuing a Divine Summons: The Lord of Heaven is issuing a Divine Call from the Pulpit to the Pews. The call is a call to Remember, Repent and Return back to our first Love. It’s a call to come back into His Presence, Seek His face, and Sit at His feet. It’s a call to Worship, get Wisdom, and be empowered to be His witness. As the Sixth Episcopal District, we are answering the call by calling all believers to a season of prayer and fasting. Also, by seeking the Lord afresh for Divine strategies for His Next Bold move in Georgia by using the people known as the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church.

Pastors, please share this Prayer Guide with your entire Congregation!

Our time of Prayer and Fasting begins this Sunday, October 2, 2022.

Let us all be intentional as we commit to three weeks of prayer, fasting and total commitment to the guide that is prepared for us. Let us be on one accord as we proceed into this season.

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