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A Statement From the College of Bishops On the Death and Life of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader G

Our C.M.E. Family:

Today, we pause to pay homage to the life and legacy of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg who has answered the call of God to “Come up higher”. We mourn her passing-as she was a “trail-blazer” in a time and period when it was not comfortable to be such.

Justice Ginsburg’s social justice work will never lose its place in historicity. Considered to be a feminist by many, we have come to realize that she was not a feminist, but one who challenged and called for gender equality in treatment of qualified and equipped women who were and are prepared for service. She, too, fought for equality of men who were left in the position of care-taker for their children; a role not in normalcy in American life.

Additionally, Justice Ruth Ginsburg was one whose eye was keenly peered on racial equality. Over and again, she ruled for protections of affordable health care, reform of the justice system, rights of workers, immigration act, protection of the Constitution and everyday issues that confront the marginalized and left out of American society.

The work and interest of Justice Ginsburg will be felt for on-coming generations. It is our humble opportunity to take the time to allow our voice to be heard-among millions- as it is raised to thank God for the “living ministry” of one who sat in the highest court in America and never lost her “common touch”. She never lost the vision of the “Court” which after 104 years is “alive and well”.

In respect and consideration of Justice Ruth B. Ginsburg’s request, the leadership and members of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church strongly urges President Donald Trump as well as the Senators -who represent our many members -to take the time to pause in moving forward in replacement of her Supreme Court seat. It will be a travesty for those who represent this constituency to move forward without consideration of the need for opportunity for future leadership to weigh in on such a pivotal and necessary time of reflection and looking toward the future. This is not a time for fila-bustering; a time of action is upon us!

May the Lord bless the family and friends of Justice Supreme Court Ruth Bader Ginsburg; her works of stabilizing life for this as well future generations will always be in our minds and focus.


Bishop Lawrence Reddick, Senior Bishop         

Bishop Henry M. Williamson, Sr.                           

Bishop Thomas L. Brown, Sr.                           

Bishop Kenneth W. Carter, Chair                         

Bishop James B. Walker                        

Bishop Sylvester Williams, Sr.                           

Bishop Teresa Jefferson-Snorton, Secretary

Bishop Godwin Umoette                       

Bishop Bobby R. Best (Deceased)

Bishop Marvin F. Thomas, Sr.

Bishop C. James King, Jr.

Bishop Paul A. G. Stewart, Sr.

Bishop E. Lynn Brown, retired (Deceased)

Bishop Ronald Cunningham, retired (Deceased)

Bishop Othal Lakey, retired

Bishop William Graves, retired (Deceased)

Bishop Marshall Gilmore, retired

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