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I regret to inform you that Bishop Ronald McKinley Cunningham, the 53rd Bishop of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, died this morning, June 2, 2020. Funeral arrangements will be announced as soon as available; Black and Clark Funeral Home (2517 E. Illinois Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75216; 214-376-8297) is in charge of arrangements. Bishop Cunningham was elected bishop in 2002 in Atlanta, Georgia, and retired in 2010 in Mobile, Alabama. He served the Tenth and Eighth Episcopal Districts before retiring. Then, In March 2011, he was recalled to serve the Eleventh Episcopal District until the 2014 General Conference. Prior to his election, he had served 16 years as General Secretary of the Department of Christian Education, and had been professor at Lane College and pastor of several congregations. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. (“Lady”) Clarice Cunningham; a daughter, Ms. Bridgette Cunningham; and a son, Ronald M. Cunningham, Jr. Condolences can be sent to Mrs. Cunningham and the Family at 200 Big Bend, DeSoto, Texas 75115 (901-338-4978). Senior Bishop Lawrence Reddick

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