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Dr. Barbara Campbell Elected to Represent Georgia again at the Democratic National Convention

Barbara Campbell was elected a delegate to the Democratic National Convention representing the fourth congressional district. Representing the district that Congress Hank Johnson represents is quite an honor and not her first time being a delegate. In her own words," this campaign was the most difficult because the vote was done by balloting and virtual campaigning".. 

As a delegate she will take part in officially nominating Joe Biden as the Democratic nominee. As the Chair for the state of Georgia Democratic Black Caucus, she will also meet with the National Black Caucus to share concerns and strategies.  As you can imagine with the blatant racism that is taking place, this caucus has a serious role to play.  Right  now, the Georgia Caucus is the largest caucus in the United States representing the DNC.

Additionally, as a delegate she will take part in developing the platform for the Democratic Party that we will promote in this next election. Let her hear from you so that your views can be heard. This is will be the most important election in my adult life time.  Remember   my slogan for the campaign was: "They Can't Take it Away, if you VOTE the right Way"

Dr. Barbara Christian Campbell is the Connectional President of the Lay Council, CME Church.

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