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Missions At Home

Mission trips to Africa, Jamaica and Haiti are exciting, that is true.

But do you know there are missions in the USA that the church is called to do.

There are the homeless out on the street

They are cold in the winter and scorched in the heat

They need blankets and it would be nice to have a tent

Your presence in their community is God sent.

We have children that many ignore.

We have food enough for ourselves and a lot more.

There is food that we throw away

But may carry a family another day.

We have many that are new poor, you know.

They lost their jobs and now they have no place to go.

Tornadoes, hurricanes and floods ravishing a town

Knocking buildings down to the ground.

They are left with just a shell of a house

Grateful to get out with children and a spouse

But they need materials to start over again

Until they can rebuild their land.

Ray Charles sang a song called “Georgia On My Mind”

Wouldn’t it be nice if the CME churches all over the world

Be on everyone’s mind

And seen as being caring and kind?

The pandemic has taught us we can do a lot right here.

We can hand out food and other items at our churches without fear

We can show we are true missionaries by reaching out to others

Treating them as if they are our sisters and brothers

Maybe when we are able to go back to worship inside

They will remember who was there when for help they cried

Maybe they have seen Jesus as we aided in their need

Not only physically but spiritually also indeed.

So, let us get to work in this country where we dwell

And help others so they will feel swell

It will make us feel that we are a part of God’s plan

Right here and not have to travel to other lands.

Written by

Rev. Nellie C. Williams, April 6, 2021

First Woman Pastor in the 6th District.

We are The Christian Methodist Episcopal Church recognizing the importance of Christ in our daily lives.

Leon C. Moore, Jr.

General Secretary of Evangelism and Missions

Pleasant Hill CME, Conyers, GA

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