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November 2020 Lay Ministry Update from Dr. Clifford L. Harris

As we prepare for another Thanksgiving Day celebration, during a period of enormous challenges, let us continue to seek the joy of the Lord . . . Certainly, for many it is not easy, so as God gives us opportunity, let’s be supportive of each other. . . As you take note of the following, I bid you a Happy and Joyful Thanksgiving: 1. We continue to be thankful to those who joined with the College of Bishops, the Department of Lay Ministry, the Young Adult Council, and the Women in Ministry during our joint efforts of “A Call to Action”, prior to the November 3rd elections. I am particularly thankful to Bishop Marvin Frank Thomas, Sr., the Chair of the Department of Lay Ministry, for his leadership on this initiative; and Dr. Barbara Campbell, Connectional Lay Ministry Council President, for outlining the narrative that was used by Lay Ministry in this effort and to all who agreed to participate with us. The efforts truly reflected our intentional determination to be reflective of all generations in our ministry efforts. 2. Again, thank you to Rev. Bonita Collins-Hobbs for providing another opportunity during the week leading up to Connectional Lay Ministry Day, for the Department of Lay Ministry to partner with the Connectional Prayer Ministry and also thank you to those who responded to the request of our lay leaders for your assistance and participation; your responses and your prayers enriched all of us. 3. THANK YOU to all Lay Ministry Councils, Pastors, and Presiding Elders who observed Connectional Lay Ministry Day and to all who have supported and made contributions to the Graham/Webb/Kennedy Scholarship Fund. Contributions for this giving season as of November 23, 2020 have resulted in a total of $6,665.00. Contributors can be viewed by CLICKING HERE. Lay Leaders, if your church or organization’s contribution have not been mailed, contributions are still being accepted through April 2021 for this giving period. Please use the information at the bottom of this communication if you desire to contact us. Continue to make checks payable to Graham/Webb/Kennedy Scholarship (access the contribution form on the Lay Ministry Webb site) and mail to my office at the address below. Students who received scholarship awards for the 2020-2021 academic year are still in the process of claiming their awards by providing the Department with proof of full-time enrollment for the 2020 Fall Semester. 4. Please join us on us on Thursday December 3rd (7:00 p.m. CST) and Saturday, December 5th (12:00 p.m. CST) for our next Learning and Equipping Sessions for Laity, via Zoom (look for link and subject/ focus in a follow-up email).

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