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Following a recent family calamity, a pastor wrote me saying, “My Connectional church has taken care of us and we are grateful.” I’m writing in the spirit of that pastor to thank the Connection for responding to the people of Texas in our time of need. This past February, during a time when our electrical grids failed us, the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church and her friends did not.

The Committee on Emergency Relief, led by Bishop Sylvester Williams, Sr., responded very quickly by underwriting a journey to get water to the Houston area by Dr. Leon Moore and the Department of Evangelism and Missions. Church Women United of Illinois, at the urging of Dr. Elnora P. Hamb, sent finances to help persons buy groceries. The Committee on Emergency Relief also sent finances to buy groceries for persons in need. In addition, our friends in Alabama – the CMEs, AME Zions and AMEs – came together and sent a truckload of water to the Dallas area. Also, some support from the Committee on Emergency Relief helped some of our churches in serious need of repair from water damages.

Your non-monetary support – telephone calls, prayers, encouragement – amounted to help immeasurable!

Thank you, Christian Methodist Episcopal Church! We are grateful!

Senior Bishop Lawrence Reddick

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