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Watch the CME Church Budget: Assessment vs Investment

Click here to watch the searchable replay of the February's candid conversation and Q & A with Dr. Victor Taylor, General Secretary of the Department of Finance & Investments (DFI) and CFO of the CME Church. The discussion focused on the mindset one must have when determining if budget expenditures are an assessment or considered an investment. The conversation continues on Sunday, March 28th.

Log in to view the searchable video replay now! Yes, we said searchable video replay. DFI is all about usable and simple innovation. When you log in, you can search the video by inputting a keyword in the search bar. The search bar will display your keyword at the exact time mentioned in the video and transcript. Yes, a transcript is available to review. If you have any questions please contact the Department of Finance & Investments. Dr. Victor Taylor, CFO Bishop Kenneth W. Carter, Chair of the DFI, Chair of the College of Bishops, and Presiding Prelate 11th Episcopal District Bishop Sylvester Williams, Sr., Vice Chair of the DFI & Presiding Prelate 3rd Episcopal District

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