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Black Health Matters

Black Health Matters African Americans have poor health outcomes on nearly every disease index; we're either at higher risk for developing an illness or we die from it in greater numbers. While access to health insurance and socioeconomic status play a significant part in these health disparities, we also lack awareness about a lot of preventive steps we could take to better our health, and we're in denial, too. Black Health Matters will provide information about health and well-being from a service-oriented perspective–with lots of upbeat, positive solutions and tips.

The site will feature the following departments:

  • Our Health: Articles on health and wellness and the latest health and medical news, particularly as it impacts African American and Afro-Latin audiences

  • Beauty: Beauty and lifestyle stories, including tips on skin care, hair care, nail care; detailed pieces about the plastic surgery industry and reconstructive surgery following illness

  • Mind & Body: Using the mind and soul in healing to promote wellness, this channel explores the role spirituality and inspirational techniques play in overall well-being

  • Nutrition & Fitness: Healthy takes on cultural favorites, ways to lighten up dessert and snack foods; in-depth stories about why some populations have difficulty following healthy eating directives; nutrition news; fitness; ways to avoid illness through diet and exercise

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