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Black Women Equal Pay Day

Black women are the backbone of our families and, in many cases, the anchor of the black community.  

Unfortunately, Black Women face unique disparities because of their race and gender. Research shows that black women who work full-time year-round earn 62 cents for every dollar a full-time, year-round white male worker earns.  

The economic ramifications of this gap in earnings equate to financial distress and a poor quality of life for our black women and their families.  

The Connectional Young Adult Ministry would like to celebrate the hardworking, qualified, and well-equipped black women on our council and around the country who sacrifice their time and skill yet receive so little pay. 

Black Women Equal Pay Day was established to expose the wage gap for black women and advocate for true equality in the workplace. 

Mr. Chris Washington

CYAM Social Justice Chair

Ms. Tiffanie R. Thompson

CYAM President 

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