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CME Connectional Youth Sunday Message & Resource Available for 7/26/2020"

As you prepare for the Connectional Youth Sunday to be held on July 26, 2020 at your local churches and across the CME Connection, we offer the CYYAC2020 Resource Guide as a tool.  While the Connectional Youth & Young Adult Conference has been postponed until 2021, there are are several scriptures, worship outlines, litanies, activities, etc. that might be utilized for Sunday as you did earlier this year for the Connectional Youth & Young Adult Week.  Below is a link to a "youth excerpt" to assist those who might not have the full CYYAC2020 Resource Guide.  We strongly encourage you to have some level of Youth Ministry focus in Sunday's worship.  If you are unable, you might sponsor an activity to remind these young people of their importance to us and the CME Church.  In that light, Dr. Carmichael Crutchfield, our General Secretary, has created a video message for the Youth in your congregations.  The link is below.  We ask that you share the video in an appropriate setting for reflection and discussion.  It includes an update on CYYAC20 (now CYYAC21), virtual learning opportunities, and upcoming youth resources.

Click here to view the General Secretary's Video Message There are CME Certified Christian Educators across the Episcopal Districts ready to offer assistance and creative solutions in concert with what we have done and are doing.  Even during this crisis, we must be concerned about the spiritual needs of our congregations in addition to their physical and health needs.  We welcome your feedback as we seek to expand the resources from the Department of Christian Education & Formation.  

Click here to download the CME Department of Christian Education & Formation CYYAC Youth Excerpt Our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to those who have been affected by this unprecedented event affecting the world today. We especially appreciate the healthcare workers, local communities and government entities around the country who are working tirelessly to contain COVID-19.  Feel free to forward this email to anyone in your Christian Education circle.  Remember our MISSION Formula:  Formation + Nurture + Leadership = MISSION

Our goal is to make disciples through "events that form and transform."

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