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Faith Works Final Request for the Runoff Election

Dear Sixth Episcopal District, I am grateful for your work during the General and the Runoff Election. Your efforts are truly needed in order to realize our mission, which is to increase voter turnout for this election.
Here are the requests to make that happen… REQUEST #1 (and main request) We need every church in Georgia to quickly start a phone banking effort. It’s as simple as this…
  1. Select a coordinator to lead it, it can be a staff person or a leader in the church (its for only a few days).

  2. Identify at least 3 or more people in your church to make calls either at the church or wherever you choose.

  3. Print out a copy of your church member database, just names and phone numbers.

  4. And schedule a day or days to make all of the calls.

No worries, it is not as difficult as some may think. I have attached 3 documents to assist you, including helpful info, a script, and a page to document how many calls, etc have been made. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at Info@FaithWorks.Vote REQUEST #2 Please review your Faith Works Voter Playbook, and do what it says for these last days. I have attached the document again. Also please see below for an invitation to see WAKANDA Forever for FREE. It’s sponsored by Black Voters Matter. Please help spread the word, this is a really good opportunity to see the film and rally the Vote!
  • Event Brite Registration Link:

  • Movie Screening Cities, November 29 – December 4, 2022:

  • Text the following KEYWORD (the corresponding city) to 25225 to receive more detailed information and how to register for the screening

That’s all folks. Thank you again for your time and attention to these crucial matters. Have an awesome weekend! Sincerely, Lee May and the entire Faith Works Team!

Download PDF • 2.28MB

Download PDF • 33KB

Download PDF • 416KB

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