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Special Update: Department of Lay Ministry

In my most recent Update (September 2020), I promoted and explained Lay Ministry’s role in the four virtual gatherings (A Call to Action) by the Connectional Church, to be held Thursday, October 8th; Friday, October 9th (Lay Ministry); Saturday, October 10th; and Sunday, October 11th). This unique opportunity is being done in cooperation with the College of Bishops, Connectional Young Adult Ministry, and Women in Ministry.  Each gathering will begin at 6:30 p.m. EST and will be centered around the theme, “Discipleship in Real Time: Responding to the Call to Action!” 

Go to the Lay Ministry Web Site to view the flyer and who is responsible for each evening. The flyer is posted below as well. Because of several calls that I have received about how this will impact Connectional Lay Ministry Day, which is always the 2nd Sunday in October (this year October 11th), I am asking again, that everyone, particularly Lay Leaders, - read this Follow-up Update with thoroughness and complete understanding

1.    On Sunday, October 11th, we are still celebrating Connectional Lay Ministry Day during the morning worship hour or a special afternoon service at which time lay speakers can share a virtual message centered around the 2020 Connectional Lay Ministry Day, theme: “Laity Called to Action, In a Time Such As This. Also, please remember the free will offering/contribution for the Graham/Webb/Kennedy Scholarship. As always, make your checks payable to the Graham/Webb/Kennedy Scholarship. . . Go to the Lay Ministry Web Site to retrieve, the contribution form to be used.  Mail your contribution to: Dr. Clifford Harris - Department of Lay Ministry - 15485 Prairie Bell Road – Okmulgee, OK 74447-8690).

  2.    Click Here for the 2020 Connectional Lay Ministry Day Litany Click Here to access the substance of my October Christian Index article “In Between the Lines”, which gives insight into the meaning and spirit of our Lay Ministry Song, “We’re Laity”. 

3.    The impartial committee, of non-CME’s, assembled by Ms. Yvonne Peters, Scholarship Committee Chair, has completed the evaluations of the 2020 Graham/Webb/Kennedy Scholarship applications. Recipients have been notified . . . Click Here to see the results and express congratulations to those whom you know.

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