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The Message

Have you ever thought about the power of a voice? Well, over the last few months we have listened to a lot of different voices, not just the audible voices but the voices of silence as well. The byproduct of the voice is speaking, the ability to express thoughts and feelings by articulating sound. In certain situations, society needs to hear that certain speech which speaks to the moment. Therefore, the church must find its prophetic voice or speech if you will. The church operates in many places but for this article, we will only look at three.

The Life of God’s People The church operates in the lives of God's people where the process of discipleship and formation help us to hear and understand the voice of Jesus. For the church to fully operate in the life of the believer we must hear the voice of God then use a prophetic voice that could help others to hear God. We are the voice of God. We should not remain silent when speech like racism, hatred, violence, and lies are present in society. These have become more common in society today than in the former days. The church has a voice and as the church, please use it. The Community in Which We Serve Within many communities you will find a church. Sometimes we may notice a church on every corner. The voice of a particular church may resonate inside the walls of the building only for many until March of 2020 when the coronavirus became the center of attention in society. The role of the church did not change. However, the church as we know it has been dispatched into the community. The prophetic voice of the church can reach beyond the walls and meet people where they are. The church must use its voice in the communities we serve.

The World as We Know It The world's voice has always been confusing. Some would say the world does not have a voice. I suggest it does. However, the collective speech was both accepted and denied as norms for humanity through culture and tradition in times of the collective voices from the North, South, East, and West. Confusion seems to be the loudest voice. But God! The message of liberation has become silent possibly due to the absent prophetic voice of the church. Over the last year, we have heard the argument against science as the coronavirus has become today's speech and talking points. Some have argued for science and the all too common “let the data speak.” The voice of the church in the world cannot continue to remain silent. Let the Word of God speak. We are The Christian Methodist Episcopal Church recognizing the importance of Christ in our daily lives. Leon C. Moore, Jr. General Secretary of Evangelism and Missions Pleasant Hill CME Conyers, GA

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